The most accurate photo of me ever taken.

I work as a Network Data Specialist for the Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Pasadena, MD. I hold the following professional certifications: CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+CompTIA Security+, (which also have the effect of making me a CompTIA IT Operations Specialist as well as a CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist) and MCTS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Configuration. I used to be CCNA certified years ago, but I let it lapse. I’m also back in school pursuing an AAS in Network Technology (though I’ve had to take a break from that recently).

I have two boys: John, and Isaac. I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood in Catonsville, MD, and lived in that vicinity for most of my life, but I now spend my days with my lovely wife, Emily near Middletown, DE.

In addition to keeping up with technology for work, I love to read (especially about history and political philosophy). I’m an avid football fan. Autumn weekends are spent keeping up with my Ravens and Packers. In recent years, I’ve also become interested in baseball, and love going to Orioles and Blue Rocks games.

History of all types is fascinating to me. I especially love roadside historical markers, and I’m proud to serve as a Contributing Editor for the Historical Marker Database. One of my history nerd goals is to visit all 384 “Official” Civil War battlefields. In nicer weather, I travel to Gettysburg as often as I can (on occasion, even during snow storms), dragging anyone who is willing along with me.

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  1. Hi-
    So I just read your post on BA-43. I was looking for the longitude and latitude for my neighborhood to finish an art project. I’m so interested in this! I grew up in Bahama Beach and still live very close to the facility fka the “middle base”. I’m am totally deficient in technology but when the map popped up and I noticed that the area was labeled Nike Missile Site BA-43, I had to find more info and came across your writings.
    I would love to read more about it and be able to look at more maps, pictures etc. Further, share this with my children and family.
    We’ve always known about it, but never have I come across information that I could share with my family.
    Do you have a website or another place that I could explore further to recommend to me?
    Thank you so much!

    1. At the bottom of the BA-43 post, I have some sources.

      1) Ed Thelen’s Nike Missle Website:

      2) The Nike Historical Society:

      3) If you’re really less technologically-inclined, there’s a book I got on Amazon called “Rings of Supersonic Steel”:

  2. Pete,

    My hometown, San Bernardino, California, has a Grand Army of the Republic Civil War memorial (actually multi war including Spanish American War, Revolutionary War and Calif Rebellion) with two 30 pounder Parrott Rifles. They are Nos 393 and 153. I would like any service histories you could locate but understand that is probably lost.

    I leaned much about the memorial. The GAR received the weapons as a donation from the federal government about 1906. The rest of the memorial with a granite solder statue was dedicated on Appomattox Day on April 15, 1916.

    I’m also confused about No 393 because I’ve read that only 391 of this model were accepted into government service, but maybe it was a prototype used for testing.

    Thanks in Advance,


  3. Hi Pete,
    I have a piece of brass that someone suggested was part of a cannon at one point. It does have a stamp on it. It looks like it says 2A8 with more numbers/letters or numbers, but that is all that is on my piece. It is also rather thick. I am having difficulty IDing the piece. If I email you a picture, could you take a look at it and see what you think?

  4. I love your site! I’m in Maryland and a member of the ABT too! I’m in the process of starting my own Civil War blog. I’d recommend Ft. Foote too. It’s not a battlefield but it’s interesting and well preserved.

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