Gettysburg Live 150 – 1:45pm – Rodes’ Division Arrives

The Confederate troops coming in from the north that General Howard was so concerned about were from Lt. General Richard Ewell’s Corps.

The first of these men on the field were Maj. General Robert RodesDivision, arriving 150 years ago right now. They take up a position on Oak Hill, in a perfect place to flank the right side of the Union I Corps‘ line.

Seizing the opportunity, Rodes orders his men to attack, but his subordinates don’t coordinate their movements with each other. Two of the brigade commanders – Iverson and O’Neal – don’t even bother to lead their men, and the assault is repulsed. Iverson’s brigade is pretty thoroughly destroyed in the process, and the area where his men are slaughtered is now know as “Iverson’s Pits” and is one of the areas of the Gettysburg battlefield that is said to be haunted.

For the next several hours, the Confederates will send multiple attacks at the Union position on Seminary Ridge without success. It isn’t until General Lee arrives and the attacks become coordinated and well-supported that the tide turns for the southerners.

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