Gettysburg Live 150 – 4:45pm – The Wheatfield

While Benning’s men were attacking Devil’s Den, Brig. General George Anderson’s men engaged Col. Regis de Trobriand’s brigade to the north just about now, 150 years ago. The fighting would spill into the Wheatfield on John Rose’s farm.

Over the next two and a half hours, men from Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, South Carolina, and Texas (elements of 6 different brigades) would square off against Union troops from three different Corps for control of these normally serene 20 acres. The ground would change hands 6 times. Over 6,000 casualties would be suffered by both sides in the process.

Ultimately, the Wheatfield proved to be a no-man’s land. As the fighting there cooled-down just after 7:30pm, the Confederates controlled the field, but could not advance any farther.

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