Gettysburg Live 150 – 5:00am – Lee Surveys the Field

Standing on Seminary Ridge 150 years ago right now, Lee devises his plan for the day’s fighting.

Lt. General Longstreet’s Corps hasn’t gotten into the battle yet. It’s just coming off the road. Two of his divisions will participate today. The third, under Maj. General George Pickett, is too far away to be of use.

Lee want’s Longstreet’s men to attack the Union left. This area was scouted by some of Lee’s aides overnight and found to be vulnerable. This attack was to be  coordinated with Lt. General Ewell, who will attack the Union right at the same time – to prevent the Yankees from shifting their troops to meet Longstreet’s threat.

With his most trusted subordinate leading the attack, Lee is confident of success. Longstreet isn’t so sure, and spends the morning arguing for a move around the Union left, placing the Confederate army on ground that they chose in between the Army of the Potomac and Washington, DC. In that scenario, the Federals would be forced to attack the Confederates, and would be at a disadvantage.

Lee would hear nothing of it. They had beaten the enemy yesterday, and they would do it again today. Today, it would be Lee’s way.

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